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Local Business Matters to Steve.  When Steve Simons was offered the opportunity to work in Moab, Utah, he jumped at the chance to not only be near the outdoor life he loves, but to support and serve the local community.  Steve and his wife are both from small Southern Utah towns and though his career has taken him to the big cities of Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Denver, he feels most at home serving local individuals and businesses.  Steve is an experienced and detail-oriented professional specializing in tax services and is committed to helping individuals and small businesses with a business plan, paying less taxes, and helping them foresee and navigate future risks.  

He’s there for the duration.  To Steve, it’s not just about preparing a tax return, it’s about investing in people and helping them be successful.  Steve is there for his clients year round helping them with the needs of running a business. He takes interest in the businesses of the local community and applies his proven record of guiding teams and individuals to help them run the best businesses they can.  His love for the communities of Southern Utah has motivated him to move his family, settle in and invest in the future of Moab and the surrounding area. You can count on Steve to apply his experience, work ethic and opportunistic attitude toward successfully guiding your business into the future.   

A veteran of hard work.  As a veteran of the Utah Army National Guard, Steve is no stranger to hard work, loyalty and embracing the struggle.  Among the many things he learned while serving in the military is that whether it is sports, school, tax season, or life in general – sometimes we need to honor the struggle to get us where we want to be. Steve’s insight and dedication give him the perfect background to guide businesses through the sometimes confusing landscape of tax planning and preparation.

What I Do:  Tax preparation, advisory, and business planning services for local 

Who I Serve:  small business clients, mainly those in the hospitality industry

Who I Am:

  • An outdoorsman who loves fishing, exploring the trails of Moab on his RZR, and enjoying the outdoors with his wife and 4 children
  • An advocate for investing time and effort into seeing small, local businesses be successful
  • A knowledgeable and detailed tax professional who brings big city experience to local communities using a personal touch

Education & Accomplishments

  • Master’s of Accounting, Southern Utah University
  • Bachelor of Applied Science, Southern Utah University
  • Member AICPA and UACPA

Little Did We Know . . .

  • Steve can take three clay pigeons in one hand, throw them in the air, and shoot each pigeon individually with a pump-shotgun.
  • He enjoys all good food and teases his kids that their Dad might lead them astray on some things, but it will never be about food.
  • He is most likely to roll his RZR and is an avid reader with many favorite books including the Steelheart series by Brandon Sanderson.