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Being a part of the Larson team means driving your own career, making lifelong connections, improving personally and professionally, and actually having lots of fun! Here's a look behind the scenes of a (very) serious day in the life of Larson & Company!

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Working at Larson & Company gives you the tools to reach your personal and professional goals.

Professional AND personal goals are encouraged
To stay focused on our cause, we all participate in the Expectations Agreement. This program truly sets us apart from other firms. With this program we define our personal and professional goals and our expectations of the firm, while our managers define the firm’s expectations of us. How well we measure up determines our share of the bonus pool. We have regular feedback meetings to ensure we are aware of ways to improve and also to celebrate successes. This helps us to be continually improving and working on our goals constantly. 

Larson is the vehicle…but YOU are the driver
Larson & Company could be compared to a car that can take you to your goals…but YOU are the driver. Your level of personal effort is the deciding factor in your achievements. Larson & Company supports employees in achieving their goals and cheers them on as they do it. As you achieve more, your level of responsibility naturally increases, giving you the ability to move ahead quickly in the company. If you are willing to take the wheel and advance through personal initiative, you will succeed at Larson & Company.

Work and play are not mutually exclusive
It is possible to be an accountant and have both a life and a personality…even during busy season. We encourage our employees to have a little bit of fun together, including office barbecues, impromptu ping-pong games in the afternoon, and surviving an escape room as a group. Good work may not be entirely contingent upon good working relationships. It is, however, much more efficiently and pleasantly produced when such conditions exist. With this in mind, we make sure our team has the chance to let off a little steam at times. We offer gym membership reimbursement and tuition reimbursement programs, and a company-sponsored Wellness Program that encourages healthy habits and challenges us year-round.

Your voice matters
Larson & Company’s future is determined by the sum of our individual goals. No one is too “junior” to make suggestions, formulate propositions, or present business plans. In fact, we encourage this type of thinking.

Clients benefit from our success
When we are personally fulfilled and constantly improving, that mindset spills over into the way we serve our clients. Because we want the best for each of our clients, we do everything we can to not only meet their needs, but also anticipate their needs, troubleshoot problems, and suggest alternatives that will help them secure “achievement through constant improvement.”

Transparency and trust
It would be hard to know how well you have performed if you had to wait a few months to see the results. We believe in transparency and understanding of our firm’s financial position with each employee. Every month, our managing partner reviews our financial statements, firm announcements, industry announcements, and company changes during staff meetings.


"When I left the Big 4 I interviewed with many firms in the Salt Lake area, and I ultimately chose Larson & Company because I felt like they had a very employee-centric culture. Turns out I was right. Larson & Company cares about their employees first and foremost, and understands that happy and healthy employees will deliver the best work product for their clients. Since joining Larson I have felt supported 100% in everything I do, not only at work but also in my personal life. Knowing I have that support from the firm, it pushes me to do my best to help the firm grow and succeed."


Craig Swindlehurst, Tax 

"Larson cares about me both as an individual and a professional. They encourage and support my goals both professionally at work as well as personal goals when I’m not at work.  Larson not only talks about work-life balance, but exemplifies it. It is not uncommon for a partner to leave early for a child’s birthday party or for a staff to work a few extra hours early in the week so they can take off Friday to go skiing. The firm really trusts us to be professionals and treats us that way."


Allison Johnson, Audit

"Larson & Company is an excellent firm to work for. The opportunity I have to sit down on a regular basis to discuss my professional and family/personal goals with upper management is a great experience that makes me really enjoy working here. Larson truly takes care of its people and makes me feel heard and appreciated."


Jason Parker, Tax

"As an auditor at Larson I have had been able to do large public accounting work with a small firm feel. I am challenged with the work and always supported to grow in my own way. In other public accounting firms as a new staff I had very little one on one time with partners, but at Larson the partners and managers have taken the time to get to know me and what goals I have for my career. Every day I know our audit team will support each other and continue pushing each other to be the best we can be."


Tori Nickle, Audit

"Larson & Company has given me the opportunities to grow and progress in my career. The firm is filled with people that genuinely care and want each other to succeed. Not only is the support system for employees great, but Larson & company is determined to provide the highest quality service to clients."


Rhett Haney, Tax

"It is a lot of fun working at Larson & Company. They really do a great job at making the environment light and enjoyable instead of all about the work itself."


Audrey Pease, Audit

"I’ve been at Larson for over 25 years.  I appreciate how at Larson I feel that each individual is viewed and treated not as a number, or just an employee, but a unique person with their own individual strengthens that they contribute to the team.  Each individual’s contributions create the success of Larson; together we are greater than we could each be individually."


Martha Hayes, Audit

"The flexibility, support to achieve work/life goals, and positive environment separate Larson from any other company I have worked for. The genuine care they have for their employees is on display every single day."


Camille Butkovich, Accounting Services

"Larson has taught me I am happier when I am improving, and the only thing between me and success is my own initiative and effort. Because of our employee goals program, I have accomplished professional and personal goals I only dreamed of before working here. I would not have stayed here for 10 years without the mentoring and encouragement Larson’s leadership gives me. Larson is the best! "


Margo Andersen, Marketing 

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