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Insurance Accounting Experts Since 1975


Insurance is Our Business.

We were created with the sole purpose of serving the insurance industry. Since 1975 we have grown to become one of the premier insurance audit and tax firms in the nation. Our philosophy has always been to offer personalized service to insurance companies, and we still follow that philosophy today. We have built our reputation on high-quality, responsive service specific to your highly regulated and ever-changing industry. 

Everyone knows you get what you pay for. But what if you get more than what you pay for? Most insurance carriers don’t want to pay a large national firm’s prices, but need more than a corner store’s expertise. That’s where we fit your company best. We offer top-notch service at reasonable prices that can keep your company rising in altitude.

How We Serve Insurance Companies

Our insurance group is an integrated team of audit, tax, and advisory professionals delivering sophisticated business solutions to help our clients maximize their growth potential and remain competitive. Our ability to adapt to the ever-changing waters of the insurance industry reporting standards is directly due to the structure of our firm.



Experience = Efficiency

Because statutory filings differ significantly from GAAP filings, only individuals with industry-specific expertise can fully comprehend the impact of different transactions. Insurance carriers should trust CPA firms with specialized knowledge and experience in statutory accounting.

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Locally Grown, Nationally Known

Because of our years of experience and large, highly trained staff of professionals, we are consistently ranked as top service providers by AM Best each year. Recently we were ranked as the 12th largest insurance audit firm in the nation and the 25th largest health insurance auditor. 

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Friendly. Experienced. Available.

Our partners and managers have hands-on involvement. Whether it is a quick phone call to ask a specific question or routine advice on an ongoing basis, our partners and managers are available to you, ready to help you find solutions to your most complicated problems and issues. Our large, experienced staff is made up of a dynamic team of audit and tax professionals who are insurance experts.

Our employee retention rate is 92%, much higher than the industry average of 80-85%. This gives us the ability to assign the same staff to your audit year after year, saving you time and giving us a better understanding of your organization.

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We Offer The Following Services To Insurance Companies:

Group 246-4


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Group -10


Group -5-1


Group 245-2


Group -8


Group 247-3


Group -5


Group -3-3


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Group 2472


Group 247

Internal Control Audits

We work with you, not against you.

We view every client relationship as a partnership and every audit engagement as an opportunity to help your company improve. As such, during the audit process we approach management in a non-adversarial way. Our process consists of testing and verification rather than challenge and confrontation. We feel that maintaining open and honest communication is a key element to developing a successful partnership. We frequently seek feedback from our clients to ensure that we are providing the highest quality audit and tax services possible.

As part of the Larson client family, we will guide you through the various accounting challenges from start to finish; from assisting in and guiding you through various new accounting pronouncements, to partnering you with appropriate business service providers, we have all the tools a company needs to succeed. 

Partner accessibility.

A hallmark of our service is our availability to our clients. Whether it is a quick phone call to answer a specific question or routine advice on an ongoing basis, our partners and managers are available to you. You can call us with questions anytime throughout the year, not just during the audit, without the worry of incurring extra fees. 

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Focus on sharing knowledge.

Larson & Company prides itself on being able to deliver unmatched professional service to its clients. Unique services we have performed that demonstrate the firm’s ability and willingness to go the extra mile have included:

• Providing assistance with business and growth strategy.

• Assistance with the implementation of new accounting, SOC, or regulatory requirements.

• On-going trainings of new accounting principles and industry best practices. Check out our free trainings in the "Free Industry Trainings and Updates" section below. 

• At the conclusion of our audit of financial statements, we offer management a listing of suggested areas of improvement.

We will also explain our findings to management and the Board of Directors, if requested, in order to clarify any questions that arise.



For more information, contact Martha Hayes.

Don't trust tax to just anyone.

Taxation of insurance companies is especially unique given the distinct federal and state tax treatment afforded them. Companies must devise tax-efficient corporate structures and strategies coupled with operational procedures to maximize tax planning opportunities. With the constant changes in tax law every year, it is especially important to have professionals who understand the specifics of new insurance laws. Larson & Company's insurance team of tax professionals is highly skilled and has over 50 years of accounting experience.

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Expertise you can rely on. 

You can rely on our experienced team of tax professionals at Larson & Company to help you identify opportunities to minimize tax exposure and signal potential tax problems. The stakes can be high and there are a number of areas in which we can assist, including:

  • Federal and State Tax Compliance
  • Tax Provisions and Disclosures under SSAP 101
  • Tax Planning Strategies

For more information contact Greg Denning.

Is your company on dangerous terrain?

In light of recent fraud incidents, many insurance entities are investigating and implementing fraud prevention and detection measures within their organizations. To aid such entities in this process, we have developed a fraud prevention training seminar that will educate your staff in recognizing and addressing the three aspects of the fraud triangle: (1) perceived pressure, (2) perceived opportunity, and (3) rationalization.

Also, our auditors are both qualified and available to conduct agreed-upon-procedures fraud audits. Preventing and detecting fraud is important to your organization and your staff. Our experienced team at Larson & Company is here to help you protect yourself against the devastating effects of fraud.


For more information, contact Andrew Wan



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Better decisions with data-rich analysis.

With the explosion of technology that rapidly advanced the availability of information from the internet, apps, and business software, our economy has gone from information-scarce to data-rich in a very short period of time. The insurance industry is no different. In fact, reliance on data in the insurance sphere is critical to remaining competitive in today's market. This data, if used and analyzed appropriately, can provide insurance carriers with crucial insight into the current health of their company and the trajectory of business in the future. Larson advisors can help you utilize advanced tools to make sense of the overwhelming amount of financial data surrounding your business.


For more information, contact Andrew Wan

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Risk Pools

Free Industry Trainings and Updates

Click below to view the most recent insurance specific trainings from the Larson Insurance Audit team. 

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Here’s what our clients have to say about Larson & Company:

"Larson & Company’s focus on the insurance industry and responsive service has brought efficiency and value to EMI over many years of being a client. Their focus on our area of risk has helped us navigate changes in our industry and helped us in every stage of our company’s growth. Because their staff is well trained, they do not waste time on nonimportant, peripheral matters during the audit, and their work is always timely, accurate, and properly prepared. They are easy to approach with any questions and are a great resource to us. We have always felt like an important client to Larson, and they are a fun group of people to work with."


— Stephen Clay, Controller, EMI Health

"I have found working with both the Audit and Tax departments of Larson and Company that their work has been professional, timely, accurate and affordable."


— Nathan West, Controller, Allied Guaranty Insurance Company

"Larson & Company is one of the most knowledgeable CPA firms in the insurance industry. They always give us sound feedback and provide us with significant time savings during our busiest time of year. They really provide an incredible value.


— David Plowman, Controller, Total Care Auto

"For many years, Larson & Company have been our auditors. They are experienced and well-trained experts in statutory accounting. They are great to work with – very pleasant, professional, accessible and helpful.  They continually exceed our expectations and we couldn’t be more pleased."


— Byron Allen, President, American Savings Life Insurance Company

"WMI Mutual Insurance Company has worked with Larson & Company for decades.  They are professional and competent CPAs, and their reputation and integrity is second to none.  Their work is highly respected by regulators which saves costs during regulatory reviews and examinations."


— Dave Leo, President & CEO, WMI Mutual Insurance Company

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