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Partners in Success -- Larson & Simplicity Laser

Removing Uncertainty for Continued Growth

Trevor Robison, VP of Finance and IT of Simplicity Laser, shares how Larson’s service philosophy and guidance helped Simplicity Laser continue to grow their business with confidence after removing uncertainty from the accounting aspect of operations. 

Partners in Success - Larson & Strategic Risk Solutions

Helping Companies Keep Their Focus

Tempe Robbins, Managing Director at Strategic Risk Solutions, shares the unique challenges of working with captive insurance clients and how Larson has helped alleviate stress through their client-focused approach to accounting.

Partners in Success - Larson & Thanksgiving Point

How Organization Benefits Community

Allen Ash, CFO at Thanksgiving Point, shares his experience working with Larson & Company to educate and inspire the community. Allen enjoys Larson's commitment to consistent and effective communication as well as organization and planning. It's a partnership of mutual benefit and friendly association.

Partners in Success -- Larson & ULHIGA

Meeting Unique Insurance Needs

Ted Lewis, Director of the Utah Life and Health Insurance Guarantee Association, shares how Larson’s years of insurance expertise and “hustle” gave him the confidence to maintain ULHIGA’s mission to serve Utah’s insurance industry while remaining compliant with industry regulations. 

Partners in Success - Larson & Ballet West

Learning the Dance of Nonprofit Audits and Education

Liz Crawford, CFO at Ballet West, discusses her experience collaborating with Larson & Company throughout the pandemic and beyond. Liz highlights Larson’s emphasis on continuing education through their online trainings. 

Partners in Success -- Larson & Hires Big H

Good Food and Good Friends

Mark Hale, Chief Executive Officer of Hires Big H, shares his experience working with Larson & Company and the impact their service has had on the success his family-owned business. Mark talks about Larson's high quality expertise, an outstanding level of service, and friendly professionals that make him feel welcome when he needs advice.

Partners in Success - Larson & WMI Mutual Insurance Company

Investing in Business and Friendships

Dave Leo, President & CEO of WMI Mutual Insurance Company, discusses his experience working with the Larson & Company insurance accounting team. Dave expresses his appreciation for the Larson team's reliability and the strength of the personal relationships he's developed with them.


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