Each year from January to April, Larson & Company chooses to offer a wellness program to all employees in an effort to help employees maintain wellness through a stressful and busy time of year.  In 2020, all Larson employees have been invited on a virtual travel tour of the world’s 10 healthiest countries titled “Healthy Destinations: Oh The Places You’ll Go.”

Each week employees have both exercise and wellness challenges to complete and are exposed to healthy habits from the 10 healthiest countries in the world; Spain, Italy, Iceland, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, Singapore, Norway, Israel, Luxembourg, and France. Teams will virtually race against each other to each country by earning points for completing challenges.

Exercise minutes must be completed a minimum of three times a week and wellness challenges change weekly. Wellness challenges include drinking adequate amounts of water, eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, getting 7 hours of sleep, and tech time outs. This year’s wellness program highlights the healthy behaviors in each of the healthiest countries, including food choices, lifestyle choices, and exercise habits. The goal is to help Larson employees stay healthy at work, reach personal health goals, and build camaraderie among the four offices through team competition.

Here’s to a healthy 2020 for everyone!