At Larson and Company, we believe in creating a healthy environment, because healthy things grow.  Larson & Company employees are a valuable asset to our growth as a firm and employee wellness is key, especially during the busy tax filing season.  Larson and Company chooses to sponsor a voluntary wellness program for all employees during busy season. This is our sixth year running the program, themes have included A Million Miles step challenge, Racing to the Summit challenge, and Take Me Out to the Ball Game baseball-themed challenge. All are created to offer both team and individual challenges, and teams are made of employees from each of the four offices in Utah. This creates camaraderie amongst professionals who might never see each other otherwise.

This year Larson and Company will get faster, higher, and stronger with an Olympic-themed program.   Goals in weight management, exercise, nutrition, and stress management will keep each Larson employee in top Olympic form for a “Gold” busy season. We have found that wellness programs decrease the amount of absenteeism for employees, helps with energy levels during extremely busy work days, and keeps them focused on healthy habits we hope they continue throughout the less stressful times. Our employees are our most valuable resource, so we feel this is a small way we can invest in them to keep them healthy and happy.