2018 is drawing to a close and tax benefits for this year will be gone before you know it. We invite you to come in for a tax planning appointment during the month of December to ensure you are in the best tax position possible. This will give you some added benefits for your 2018 filing, including:

  • An estimate of your 2018 tax liability
  • Knowing the tax bracket you will be in, giving you an idea of which year you want to report income and expenses
  • Deciding whether to accelerate or postpone expenses
  • Deciding whether to purchase needed equipment this year or next
  • Deciding what kind of retirement contributions to make
  • Deciding to file as sole proprietorship or husband/wife partnerships paying children under 18

To give you the best possible service, please bring the following to your appointment:

  • Copy of up-to-date QB file, or
  • Summary of business revenue and expenses to date
  • Personal information such as most recent paycheck stub and any other information regarding your personal income and expenses

Our tax professionals are ready to serve you. Please contact us today to schedule your appointment before December 31.