Emily Roberts is the Wellness and Marketing Coordinator for Larson & Company. She creates and coaches all ages and fitness levels of employees in healthy behaviors.

Employee health and wellness is one of Larson & Company’s core values.  At Larson & Company, we offer a wellness program to all employees as part of their employee benefits.  We believe that a healthy company culture provides the best opportunity for our employees and firm to grow.

We make it a priority to offer employees the tools they need to sustain their physical and mental well-being during challenging times in their careers.  Each year during busy season, the firm chooses to provide an optional wellness challenge for employees to participate in and earn rewards for healthy behavior.  The busy season challenge is a favorite way for employees to stay healthy, earn rewards, and build team unity.

Additionally, throughout the year, the wellness program provides challenges and motivational and educational support to help employees maintain a work/life balance.  Other favorite wellness events include a company running relay on a local trail, a BYU vs. Utah Rival Week wellness challenge, a step challenge in October, a volunteer event where employees can give back to our community, and a gratitude challenge for the month of November.