Wellness at work is one of the biggest challenges of being a professional. At Larson & Company, we encourage wellness among our employees through monthly challenges. This gives them the opportunity to become healthier in a variety of ways. For the month of July, Larson employees participated in a 30 Day Wellness Challenge:  Move a Mile a Day.  To complete the challenge, the only requirement was to complete one intentional mile of exercise for 30 days.  Studies show that it takes 21 to 30 days to break old habits and create new ones. The underlying goal of the challenge was to create the habit of making time for exercise daily.  The Mile a Day Challenge took less than 20 minutes each day and was great way to stay motivated to exercise. Participants received the reward of wellness and entry into a drawing for an Amazon gift cards.

Some rewards and benefits of the challenge are even further reaching.  See the following comment from Larson employee Julianne Roberts from the Spanish Fork office.

“FYI, sometimes when it’s been a rough day with the kids, a wellness challenge that allows mom to put herself in timeout and walk around the neighborhood for a mile can be beneficial for the entire family.  This may or may not have happened at my house yesterday, so thank you.”

Larson & Company partner Russell Olsen was successful in completing the 30 Day:  Move a Mile a Day Challenge by making an individual goal and plan that worked for him and his lifestyle;  he put his mathematical and accounting skills to work.  Russell counts steps and  previously had a goal to complete 8200 steps each day.  When the challenge came out, he re-set his goal to include another 1800 steps for an additional mile and upped his goal to 10,000 steps per day.  To achieve this goal, he made a plan that worked for his schedule and lifestyle.  As a sheep farmer  he gets plenty of steps chasing sheep and doing farm chores on his “farm days,” easily achieving upwards of 20,000 steps.  On his office days, he needed to literally go the extra mile and would step outside after work and clock another 1800 steps to reach his goal. Executing a plan that makes wellness a part of your daily lifestyle and making time for an exercise routine that works for you is part of Life at Larson!