Karen Summerhays

Karen Summerhays


Phone: 801-313-1900
Email: ksummerhays@larsco.com

Sometimes the things we think are just part of our past are actually the best preparation for the rest of our lives.

Karen Summerhays grew up in Montana, where hard work and honesty were the norm. It turns out this was great training for the rest of her professional life.

Karen went back to school later in life and graduated from the University of Utah after taking night courses for 17 years…that’s right, 17 years! Being devoted to her family gave her a little bit longer career path, but made all the difference in her service philosophy. Because individuals and small businesses are so important to her, she takes the time to share with each client how their taxes and business finances will affect them personally. She always makes an effort to find a solution that will be the very best fit for them, not just a quick fix. This service style shows in the length of time her clients have stayed with her. Some have been her clients for over 20 years! Karen truly cares about her clients as individuals and loves to see them succeed.

Karen is one of approximately 300 non-attorneys in the country who are admitted to Practice in the US Tax Court. This is a prestigious honor and she has been able to make a difference in her client’s lives with her knowledge and skill. Karen’s Tax Court experience is a big part of the Larson & Company package, giving us the ability to help all of our tax clients equally.

What I Do:
Karen specializes in individual and small business tax planning and tax preparation.
Tax representation services include IRS audits and audit reconsiderations, offers in compromise, payment plan negotiation and general hand holding as needed.

Who I Serve:
Karen works with clients in the construction, oil, gas, mining, manufacturing, welding, and animal welfare industries.

Who I Am:
A born leader who both loves and guides her clients down the right path.
Tenacious, educated, and dedicated.
A welcoming force for good, embracing all clients as important and unique.

Karen’s educational and professional accomplishments include:

  • Bachelor’s degree, Accounting, University of Utah, 1992
  • Admitted to Practice in US Tax Court, May 2013
  • National Tax Practice Institute Fellow, 2008
  • Owner of The Summerhays Group, a successful small business practice that merged with Larson & Company in 2018.

In Karen’s spare time:
Karen’s two rescue dogs have been frequent stars on her YouTube videos.
Karen is an animal welfare advocate and has given countless hours to supporting their causes
Can be seen tooling down the freeway, trailer in tow, headed to a camping adventure.