Did you know that forty-one states have some registration requirement for nonprofits that are soliciting contributions? Many nonprofits don’t realize that registration and reporting are necessary outside of their home state. A new publication by Harbor Compliance and the Council of Nonprofits will help nonprofits stay in compliance.


The new resource, Charitable Solicitation Compliance: An explanation of state charitable registration requirements, is available for anyone to download, free-of-charge. The guide includes information on common forms of fundraising that may require registration, an explanation of registration forms and processes, potential penalties for noncompliance, tips on how to decide where to register, and information on exemptions, renewal requirements, extensions, disclosure statements, and more.


“This is a great resource for nonprofit organizations. So many nonprofits aren’t aware of the compliance issues that go along with fundraising,” said Christine Arthur, Nonprofit Audit Partner at Larson & Company. “This is a great way to check your processes to make sure you are following existing laws.”


If you have questions about the requirements for state charitable solicitation registration requirements, download the white paper today here.